This is the local group operated within Marin County.
(The MyFreecyle site is operated out of Arizona)
Support freecycling locally and become a member of this group.

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MarinFreecycle is a community recycling group established July 2004.
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Best way to join:
email Then select "As an alternate option, you may join the mailing list instead" at the bottom of the confirmation page from Yahoo Groups.

Be sure to send your city in Marin or your membership may be rejected.

By joining MarinFreecycle at Yahoo Groups you agree to the following rules:

* No alcohol, tobacco, Rx or illegal drugs, or weapons posts
* No asking for software
* No trading or "can I borrow?" posts
* No "Come & get it" or "street" or note to group saying "I saw a free widget at the corner of..."
* No addresses in posts
* No soliciting to sell or buy anything that is Offered or Wanted
* No spam messages to the board, or to other members
* No personal attacks on any member
* No advertising a yard sale
* No personal signature information
* Keeping your commitments
* Your membership email will be family friendly

Remember -- you are responsible for posting a followup message:

* When you submit an OFFER post, and the item is handed off, you submit a TAKEN message.
* When you submit a WANTED post, and you receive the item, you submit a RECEIVED message.

Message example:

Subject line: OFFER: Moving boxes - San Rafael
Message body: Lots of moving boxes in various sizes. Flattened and ready for pickup. These are used moving boxes that I received from another freecycler so their condition reflects that.

Please remember: Always include honest information in the message body about the condition of your item; if the item is not worthy of being freecycled for its intended purpose, but should really be tossed out, you should not be freecycling it. However -- someone may still want it! Examples: a tinkerer or artist may be interested in your item no matter its condition, so they can use it for their own purposes of deconstruction or inclusion in a recycled art project.

Important note regarding email:

This group can produce 50+ emails A DAY. If you don't want this much email, when joining select "Daily Digest" delivery option. You can change this at any time by logging into our home page at Yahoo Groups and selecting "Edit Membership". If you joined via email list, send me an email and I'll change it for you. Also, vacation hold requests are welcome but you will need to email me when you are back to remove the hold.

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Updated: June 2013

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